The Institute for Public Sector Accountability


What is IPSA?

The Institute for Public Sector Accountability is a not-for-profit organization founded to promote transparency and accountability in the public sector. IPSA is dedicated to the enhancement of democracy.

Our Vision is that through research, analysis, evaluation and the publication of papers and Articles.html, IPSA will inform the public and provide new ideas while adding a new voice to the democratic process.

Our Mission is to inform the public on issues related to the public sector in the following ways:
- To be a voice to call government to become more transparent and accountable
- To educate the public on matters concerning public policy
- To promote dialogue between the public, politicians, and public sector administrators.
Why IPSA and why now?

Canada is one of the most democratic countries of the world. Its diversity and cultural richness are the basis for our prosperity. However in recent past there have been too many instances of government mismanagement, which if left unchallenged can and will endanger our democratic system.

In the 21st century we can no longer manage our public institutions with 20th century models. It is time to re-examine the role of government in our society and seek new ways for the delivery of public services. We need more transparency and accountability in the public sector.

There is a need for a new vehicle to allow citizens to express their opinions and provide new ideas to maintain our prosperity. IPSA provides the opportunity to do so. - 28 Chaparral Valley Terrace SE - Calgary, Alberta T2X 0M2 - Tel: (403) 238-3865